The Doff Cleaning System

The Doff Cleaning System in Action

We were recently commissioned to clean the Queen Victoria Statue outside the Worcestershire Combined Courts. 

The statue hadn’t been cleaned for some time and it was covered in moss, algae and bird droppings. As you can see from the video and the before and after photographs below the Doff steam system cut through the dirt and matter leaving the Queen looking pristine with no damage to the stone at all. 

We were really amazed at the detailed carvings in the statue which were not evident before the clean up.   


What is DOFF Cleaning?

The Doff cleaning system uses a gentle form of steam cleaning on stonework. The gentle pressure and high temperature which can rise to 150°C at the nozzle end is used to remove and clean away a range of substances from stonework.

What is brilliant about the DOFF Cleaning is that it far more gentle than any other conventional form of steam cleaning. It works by projecting five litres of heated water and steam through the hose to the nozzle.  The gentle nature of the cleaning means that the surface area being cleaned does not suffer any damage, saturation or thermal shock as a result of the process.

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What is DOFF Cleaning used for?

Stonework and masonry gathers moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter over time. This makes the building appear dirty and also causes the brick to fade and lose it’s original colour.  To restore stone and the building back to looking good we use the DOFF system.   

As well as clearing biological matter and weathering, the DOFF system is also an effective method of cleaning graffiti, wax coatings, oil, bird fouling and chewing gum. Different sectors such as food production, transport and medical centres also widely use the steam based cleaner to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

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