Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction System

For carpet & rug cleaning we use a hot water extraction machine.

It does not matter how dirty & soiled the carpets are, this machine will remove it all.

Jet Wash the Difference can be Dramatic

Power washing can  lift the whole look of a property.

A clean building, pathways, steps etc. makes a massive difference to how your home is perceived.


Stone Cleaning

Stone Work Clean

Our Stonework cleaning system is gentle on your building and does not damage the stone of the mortar.

Contact us on 07907 191939 to find out more.

Render Clean

Our biocidal detergent is a high purity quaternary ammonium registered with the Irish Pesticide Control Service and by the British Health & Safety Executive.

It is water soluble, does not smell or leave smears. It breaks down in contact with biomass. The environmental footprint remains local, and limited in time.
Harmless to animals, unless ingested.

render walls with algae on them
clean render walls

Such a Difference

Gutter Cleaning - Inside

Can you see plant growth in your gutters from the ground? Is water is pouring over the gutters edge when it rains?

Then you need to call us to clear your gutters. It is possible water is already causing damage to your building.

Call 07907 191939 for a quick response

Gutter Cleaning - Outside

Dirty gutters and down pipes can really make you home look drab.

You will be amazed at the difference we can make to the look of your home when we have cleaned your gutters and down pipes.

Just call: 01792 293937 or 07909 191939