A bench on decking outside

Get Your Deck in Ship Shape for the Summer!

With summer just around the corner, we all want our gardens to be in top condition and that includes our decking. After all, it is the season for barbecues, sun bathing and general outdoor social gatherings, so who doesn’t want their decking to be sparkling?

With that being said though, a pristine deck does need to be annually maintained and this is where people fall down. We are all surely guilty of this though? We all want the dream garden, but many of us often don’t have the time or the knowledge for the upkeep. Well don’t fret me mateys! Here is everything you need to know to get your deck in ship shape for the summer.

A bench on decking outside

Why Is It Important to Keep My Deck Clean?

You may not think that cleaning your deck is that important, but it is vital for:

  • Your safety
  • To protect the wood and make it last longer
  • To make the wood look better for longer
  • To reduce future maintenance

Wooden decks receive constant abuse from the elements, so naturally over time, debris stores up and causes the wood to darken, discolour or rot. If decks are also covered in a layer of algae, they become a health hazard where you could slip or put your foot through the boards. This is not only dangerous, but rather defies the point of having decking in the first place. What should have been a place of relaxation and joy has now become a health risk, so what’s the solution?

Periodic cleaning!

Not only will this protect the deck and anyone who uses it, but it will also keep it looking its best for longer.

Don’t Clean Your Wood Deck with Bleach!

As humans, we naturally take the path of least resistance, so what solution do most of have to clean things? Bleach! While an ideal mould disinfectant for bathrooms and kitchen countertops, it poses major problems for cleaning wood.

Think of algae and mould like weeds. It’s no good getting rid of what we can see, as they will keep coming back; you have to kill their roots if you want to truly eliminate them. This is why bleach is such an ineffective cleaning agent for decking, as its properties prevent it from soaking into woo-based materials so it cannot get to the roots of the vegetative growth.

Although bleach may be an effective quick fix, in the long run it won’t solve the problem and it will cause even more problems, such as:

  • Structural damage
  • Discolouration
  • Environmental damage

Surely these reasons are enough to stop using bleach?

How to Clean Your Decking: What We Recommend

We recommend a method of cleaning that is great for all timber, including decking, fences and sheds. Ultimately, it will improve the appearance and life-expectancy of your timber, as well as making your garden a safe, slip-free zone!

The treatment that is best for cleaning your decking is:

  • An initial wash and brush – to remove the worst of the algae
  • A Biocidal Treatment – this gives long-term biocide protection against re-colonisation by algae spores

Although the initial wash and brush will give a neglected decking a new lease of life, it is the biocidal treatment that makes all the difference! The initial wash may get rid of the surface grim (or the visible parts of our weeds), but it is the treatment that kills the spores of the biological growths (the roots of our weeds!) that makes a lasting impact.

It might sound too good to be true, but gone are the days of treating decking with varnish or paint; a simple biocidal wash is more than enough to make your decking look healthy and last longer. Plus keeping it clean will prevent you from hitting the deck anytime soon!

With the winter months leaving behind a slippery coating of grim, it is never a better time to get those decks in ship-shape ready for the summer! If you haven’t got the time to wash and maintain your decks, then get an expert to do it! The most important thing is to get them cleaned and ready for you to sit and enjoy them in the warm weather.

What we can do for you:

If you need any advice or want to know more about biocidal treatments, feel free to contact us. After paying a lot of money for your decks, all we want is for them to look healthy and last longer to ensure your safety. 

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