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Carpet Cleaning using Dry Fusion system

Dry Fusion is the best choice for shorter piled carpets normally found in nursing homes, offices and call centres

Why Dry Fusion for Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets Are Cleaner: Dry Fusion lifts more dirt and grime and leaves little behind. Dry Fusion uses hot water to clean, then deodorises, applies a stain protector and then heat dries the carpet.
Carpets Dry Quickly: The drying time is 30 minutes. Thus, your home or office can function normally again very quickly.
Quiet: As the machine is so quiet it is ideal for cleaning carpets in call centres, care homes etc.
Gentle on Carpets: Removing oily stains at a neutral PH which is beneficial to the carpet.
Stain Protector: A stain protector is applied which prevents dirt from harbouring in the carpet so the carpets stay cleaner for longer.
Environmentally- Friendly: The Dry Fusion solutions are biodegradable so there are no harsh chemicals which will pollute our rivers for decades to come.

How does Dry Fusion work?

Dry Fusion has been developed for todays carpets. There have been big changes in the construction of carpet and carpet fabrics over the last few years, most noteably commercial and domestic carpet has become shorter. Because of the denser packed pile, airflow is reduced and the carpet is left wetter. Add to this increased soilage and detergent is left behind.

These changes have contributed to extraction cleaning methods leaving the carpet wetter for longer, with more residual dirt left behind due to poor airflow. Dry Fusion has been designed to maximise cleaning performance on these new carpets. It works because it doesn’t rely on airflow to clean or to dry.

Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorises, stain protects then heat dries every type of carpet. It’s all in the same process. By taking all the best features of hot water extraction (hot solution, “Shot of Steam”), the best features of dry cleaning (low moisture, mechanical agitation) and combining them together with the patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fibres as they are being cleaned – you have some of the most outstanding results ever seen.

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