Render Cleaning - Case study

STR Cleaning was recently called upon to clean the render and guttering at a property in the Three Crosses, Near Swansea. 

The owners of the property were considering having the property painted however recognised that it would need cleaning first.  So they called in STR Cleaning to undertake the work.  

When the cleaning was completed the owners were pleasantly surprised that no painting was required and they saved a considerable amount of money.

Cleaning K- REND

The property was finished with K-Rend. STR Cleaning advise that K-Rend was never designed to be painted as the colouring is placed within the plaster to make it low maintenance. For a K-Rend finish all that is required is a good cleaning process.  

WARNING: DO NOT PRESSURE WASH K-REND.  Pressure washing blows the sand out of the plaster and damages the render finish.

Rear of property with k-rend before cleaning

The adjacent photograph shows that the K-Rend finish of the house was weathered with a considerable amount of discolouring.  

The staining was caused by the growth of red and brown algae and biological growth which is commonly found on properties.

Just applying a jet wash to this would only provide a superficial clean and would not tackle the presence of the algae and biological growth. This render surface requires a bespoke biocidal solution measured to the correct ratio to be applied. The solution seeps into the render killing all types of algae and any fungicidal growth. 

Once applied the biocide is left for an interval to do it’s work. STR Cleaning then  carefully wash the surface to ensure the algae is all removed.

Why use a biocidal solution?

Render is a porous surface which with the right amount of moisture is an ideal breeding ground for all types of algae and fungal growth.

At STR Cleaning we use an environmentally friendly biocidal solution which is proven to kill all the algae and spores.

Moreover the solution used seeps into the surface and continues to kill every time moisture or rain hits the surface. This means that the render will keep cleaner for longer. 

Before and After Cleaning

Rear of property with k-rend after cleaning

Does your render look weathered and needing a lift?

We can clean it and get it back to it’s former glory for the fraction of the cost of getting it painted!

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