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Specialists in the Exterior Cleaning of Buildings

Removal & Treatment of Red & Green Algae, Fungi and other contaminants on commercial properties

Before Clean

A dirty building can have a very negative impact on people’s perception of your business so we recommend having the exterior cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, and algae.

After Clean – Still a bit wet

STR Cleaning offer a professional, cost-effective approach to cleaning most exterior surfaces:

K-rend and other render types – Pebble dash – Stonework – Industrial buildings (including Kingspan cladding)

Concrete & tarmac paths, walkways, stairways, patio areas and customer seating areas.

Drives, car parks, play areas, timber decking, fences, sheds, benches

Painted surfaces

Our biocidal detergent is a high purity quaternary ammonium registered with the Irish Pesticide Control Service and by the British Health & Safety Executive.
It is water soluble, does not smell or leave smears. It breaks down in contact with biomass: The environmental footprint remains local, and limited in time.
Harmless to animals, unless ingested.


Work starts

Working at height

After Clean

Semi detached property – before clean

Semi detached property – during clean

Semi detached property – after clean