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Looking after your timber.

Decking, Fencing, Sheds etc.

The best way to maintain timber, both structurally and visually is to keep it free from biological contamination. The proprietary biocide we use kills the fungi responsible for dry and wet rot as well as surface blemishes. The wood surface, if exposed to the weather remains silver grey.

Slippery decking can be dangerous as well as unsightly.

Covered with biological growths such as algae, people can slip and even break bones.

And of course, it is simply unpleasant to sit out on a filthy, mouldy, rotting decking that was erected to be a joy.

A light power wash to remove the worst of the algae, followed by a treatment of our biocide will give neglected decking a new lease of life.

o        No more slippery decking

o        No more unsightly staining

The biocide sterilises the surface (just like sterilising a baby’s bottle), ensuring the spores of the biological growths are killed.

And the decking will remain clean for a considerable time, as biocidal wash offers long-term “Residual Biocide Protection” against re-colonisation by algae spores.

A routine application of Biocidal Wash on bare timber decking will keep it looking great. Although all timber is different it will probably fade to a natural grey-silver colour.

Btw: In many instances the best way to maintain timber decking is to never treat it with oil, varnish, or paint. Simply using Biocidal Wash is often more effective and we believe you will enjoy the results far more.

In our experience, following up the first treatment with annual applications will help prevent wet and dry rot.

Other timber structures around your property such as timber sheds and fencing can be similarly treated to improve their appearance and should extend their life.

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