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Stains removed – Odours gone – Dirt banished = Happy Customer

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

 For longer piled carpets normally found in domestic properties & for rug cleaning, we use a hot water extraction machine; it does not matter how dirty & soiled the carpets are, this machine will remove it all. 

Sometimes your carpet is not as clean as you think

Carpets need to be cleaned just as much as other surfaces – and this is where STR Cleaning is here to help! We aim to be the number one choice for carpet cleaning in South Wales. A clean carpet brightens up any environment, and regular cleaning ensures your home remains a welcoming place to be.

Carpets can trap and hold dirt and grime for long periods of time, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers and small children. Despite this, many households do not ensure that their carpets are cleaned as regularly as needed – unfortunately just because the dirt is hard to spot, does not mean that it doesn’t exist!


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Professionally Cleaned Carpets: Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis can help to:

Remove Stains: Professional cleaning can help remove stubborn stains from your carpets.

Improve Hygiene: Removal of debris, dust and soil from your carpets.

Remove Odours: Professional cleaning can help to remove most odours, so your carpets will smell fresh and clean.

Eliminate Bacteria & Mites: Regular cleaning helps to reduce the risk of allergies & illness caused by germs & microorganisms.

Improve Appearance: Even the oldest of carpets and furniture can look brand new following professional cleaning.

For shorter piled carpets normally found in nursing homes, offices and call centres we use the dry fusion system.  

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