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Carpet Cleaning – Dry Fusion

For superior cleaning of carpets without the inconvenience, Dry Fusion is the best choice.
Most suitable for shorter piled carpets normally found in nursing homes, offices and call centres.  
This machine is very quiet and leaves the carpets almost dry.

Why Dry Fusion for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets Are Cleaner: Dry Fusion lifts more dirt and grime and leaves little behind. Dry Fusion uses hot water to clean, then deodorises, applies a stain protector and then heat dries the carpet.
Carpets Dry Quickly: The drying time is 30 minutes. Thus, your home or office can function normally again very quickly.
Quiet: As the machine is so quiet it is ideal for cleaning carpets in call centres, care homes etc.
Gentle on Carpets: Removing oily stains at a neutral PH which is beneficial to the carpet.
Stain Protector: A stain protector is applied which prevents dirt from harbouring in the carpet so the carpets stay cleaner for longer.
Environmentally- Friendly: The Dry Fusion solutions are biodegradable so there are no harsh chemicals which will pollute our rivers for decades to come.

For longer piled carpets normally found in domestic properties & for rug cleaning, we use a hot water extraction machine; it does not matter how dirty & soiled the carpets are, this machine will remove it all. 

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