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Specialists in the Exterior Cleaning of Buildings

Removal & Treatment of Red & Green Algae, Fungi and other contaminants on domestic and commercial properties

A newly rendered building looks great, especially coloured render. This type of coloured render is often sold as maintenance free. However the reality is within a few years algae and/or fungi often appears on the surface of the render making the new render look old and dirty. There is no need to paint the surface as this is costly and 99% of the time unnecessary. We can remove the algae and/or fungi from the surface usually without the need for cherry picker or scaffolding fees.

The wall surface can be stained by a prolonged presence of metabolites on the surface. Upon cleansing, some faint grey marks can linger: If on a rain washed surface, they tend to fade and disappear in the fullness of time: Up to 18 months.

In areas not rain washed, the marks have no mechanism to disappear, and a second visit may be necessary to remove lingering stains by brush, water, or an oxidising agent. For metal oxide marks (lead, copper or iron) a dedicated gel is used.

Our biocidal detergent is a high purity Quaternary ammonium registered with the Irish Pesticide Control Service and the British Health & Safety Executive.
It is water soluble, does not smell or leave smears.
It breaks down in contact with biomass: The environmental footprint remains local, and limited in time.
Harmless to animals, unless ingested.

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